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Magic Pen 2 Game Instructions and Controls
Flash GameMagic Pen 2 Description: Draw your shapes, create hinges, and pins to hit your ball to the flags in each map. Physics baby!

Magic Pen 2 Game Walkthrough and Solution
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Magic Pen 2 Game
Magic Pen 2 Game Walkthrough level 1 to 32
Video Length: 00:10:50
Magic Pen 2 is the second part of the Magic Pen games. Here is the walkthrough for the game from level 1 to 32.

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Magic Pen Game
Magic Pen
Flash Game Magic Pen Description: Create shapes and allow the laws of physics to do the rest. Your goal is to collect the flags with the little red ba...
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Construction Fall Game
Construction Fall
Construction Fall flash game description: Move objects in the physics world to knock all the beams and collapse them below the dotted line.

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